How to Refer to Therapitas


Fax  referrals to (405) 212-4270 or call us at (405) 355-3239 and we will walk you through the process.


We  call the patient, schedule an evaluation, and  send you a notification when the appointment is set.


Once the evaluation is complete we will send you a copy for your medical records.

Bilingual Therapists for bilingual families

Latino children require specialized services when experiencing concerns with their speech and language.  A child’s language development is the sum of their communication skills in all languages. A therapist who can only evaluate in one language will not have a clear picture of a bilingual child’s total language development. They will often over diagnose or label an issue as a disorder rather than appropriately seeing it as a language difference. Growing up in a bilingual world, Latino children’s language skills simply cannot be evaluated by a mono-lingual therapist.

At Therapitas, all initial speech and language evaluations are conducted by bilingual Speech-Language Pathologists. Our SLP’s not only speak the child’s languages but are trained to identify true language disorders rather than linguistic and cultural differences.

Free Screenings

Therapitas is glad to offer free Speech and Language  or Occupational Therapy screenings to any child who may be suspected of having a developmental delay. Often times our patients are first identified by a school teacher, day care worker, or a caring family member. While a primary care physician is the only person who can refer a patient to Therapitas for an evaluation, anyone can refer a patient for a free screening. In this quick 10 minute screening, a Therapitas bilingual SLP or Occupational Therapist will inform a parent or guardian on what issues they have identified and advise them on a future course of action.

To setup a free screening appointment simply fill out the form below and one of our staff will contact you.

At Therapitas we have a large assortment of therapy resources designed specifically for Latino children and their families. We know that parental and family involvement is key to helping a child to reach their maximum potential from therapeutic services. Whether we are modeling therapy skills for parents to practice at home, sending customized resources home with a patient, or creating specialized tools for Latino families to use between therapy sessions, our therapists are constantly looking for ways to better serve our patients. As we say in Spanish “Somos familia” we are family.

Free Screening Request Form

Please fill out the form below and we will contact the patient directly. If you have specific instructions please leave them in the Notes section.

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