"Our mission: to give hope to Latino children with developmental delays"

- Therapitas -

Our Mission

Recent research has shown that Latino children with developmental delays are more likely to be unidentified until much later in childhood, and even then, they have limited resources for appropriate treatment. With the proper tools and education, there are three main areas that are vital in the early intervention process:


Therapists able to diagnose and treat in a child's language are more effective and truly understand his or her needs.


Primary Care Physicians who understand key milestones in bilingual development catch issues earlier.


When schools know what to look for, they are better able to evaluate students and refer them to the appropriate specialist.

While our outpatient clinics solve one of these four problems (lack of specialists for the Latino population) we believe that to truly complete our mission Therapitas must be involved in removing all barriers affecting Latino children with developmental delays. Community education of parents, schools, doctors offices and non-profit agencies is an essential part of this fight.

At Therapitas we offer:

  • free in-service training for school SLPs and teachers
  • educational materials for parents
  • free screenings at health fairs and community events
  • educational lunches and consultations for doctor’s offices
  • training for non-profit agencies

In the Spring of 2015 we will be releasing our “Resources” page at therapitas.com with videos, flyers, articles, and apps that families, doctors, schools and other SLPs can access to better serve our children. In addition, we are working on a couple of key partnerships with other like-minded organizations to join us in this fight to ensure that all Latino children with developmental delays are given the best chance for a full and developed childhood.

Our Team