Our parents ask lots of questions. At Therapitas, we love taking time to answer parent questions because an informed parent is our best partner in working with your child. Here are a few common questions our parents ask.

Speech Therapy (also known as Speech-Language Pathology) is a branch of the medical community that treats communication and swallowing disorders. Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) generally hold master’s degrees or doctorates  with specific emphasis on communication disorders.

Communication disorders are extremely common. In fact, The National Institute of Health estimates that between 8 and 9 percent of young children have a speech sound disorder. Most of these disorders can be significantly improved through treatment by a licensed SLP.

When should I arrive?

Please arrive 30 minutes before your appointment in order to have time to fill out the paperwork your therapist will need to better serve your child.

What happens at the first visit?

Your first visit will be an evaluation that will last from 1-2 hours. During the evaluation a Speech Therapist will take your child through a series of activities that they will use to assess your child’s communication skills. You will be present with your child for most if not all of the evaluation. Once the evaluation is complete your Speech Therapist will explain to you what they noticed and share their recommended plan of action.

Speech therapy sessions last for 30 minutes. Your child will be in therapy for 25 minutes followed by your therapist spending 5 minute reporting to you about the session and what you can do at home to help reinforce their development.

Occupational therapy sessions can last for either 30 minutes or 1 hour. You and your therapist will discuss the best length of time for your child. Your therapy sessions will always conclude with a parent report and information on what you can do at home to support your child’s development.

If you would like for a Therapitas therapist to evaluate your child you have two options.

  1. Have your primary care physician send us a referral.  Schedule an appointment with your child’s doctor and tell them your concerns. Make sure to tell them that you would like to have your child evaluated by Therapitas. Your doctor will send us a referral with your contact information and we will contact you immediately.
  2. Schedule a free screening with Therapitas. Here is a link to our Referrals page where you can submit a request for a free screening. You can also call us directly at (405) 355-3239.

As speech-language pathologists, our goal is to support the child in developing age-appropriate speech and language skills.  This typically means that we must target their deficits in the language that the child is most comfortable using (i.e. their preferred language), but also keeping in mind cultural and language backgrounds that help us determine the best target language to implement therapy. Otherwise, we are no longer working as clinicians, but as language teachers.